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Benefits Of Pet Ownership When Renting

Benefits Of Pet Ownership When Renting - Charter Place

Since the beginning of the first lockdown, pet ownership has soared dramatically in the UK. Almost 20% of adults adopted a furry friend during the pandemic, bringing Britain’s pet population to 12 million. The effect of the Covid-19 has triggered a huge shift in priorities for many families, especially for those in the rental market.

It is the unfortunate reality that many renters are still finding pet friendly accommodation a challenge. However, at Charter Place, we are proud to welcome both you and your pets to stay with us. We recognise pet ownership as having a positive impact on mental and physical wellbeing so readily encourage owners to bring their furry friends along with them when they move into our apartments. Although we understand that every relationship between pet and owner is unique, here are some of the many benefits that pet ownership brings to people around the world.

Healthier hearts

One of the greatest benefits of a furry companion is the many health benefits that they can bring to their owners.

It has been recognised that even stroking a pet is able to improve cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of heart disease as it has been scientifically proven to lower blood pressure. Canines can also help to support those several mental disorders, such as PTSD, anxiety, and depression and provide physical support to those with blindness.  It has also been scientifically proven that regular interaction with an animal can decrease levels of the stress related hormone, cortisol and increases the hormone oxytocin, which slows a person’s heart rate and breathing.

Increased fitness levels

There are many widely recognised fitness benefits to owning a pet, including the increased motivation to exercise. Dog owners in particular are four times more likely to meet physical activity guidelines than people without a dog, therefore having a positive impact on cardiovascular health. Even if it is not a stroll in the park with your canine companion, playing with a pet inside your apartment can help to get your blood pumping, when you may have otherwise been lounging on the sofa. This consequently has a positive impact on your fitness levels and heart health as a result.

Benefits Of Pet Ownership When Renting

Reduced loneliness

Living with a pet can also help to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation. Pet ownership is often compensated for the absence of human companionship as they are seen as a loyal physical presence which provides regular affection and supports social connections. Cats in particular are one of the most common companion pets in the world because they’re extremely loving but do not require high levels of attention. Other animals, such as birds have even been specifically bred to become human companions, who doesn’t want a pet that you can have a conversation with?

Better social relationships

Pets can also provide their owners with more than just companionship, they can help to create human-to-human friendships and act as a form of social support. Canines can have a positive impact on helping us form stronger connections as change the way we interact with others. Furthermore, pets are commonly seen to have the role as a social icebreaker as the encourage us to be more open to conversations with strangers.

Benefits Of Pet Ownership When Renting

At Charter Place, we understand the importance of pet ownership on residents’ overall well-being and want to make your pets feel just as at home as you do. Speak to your Community Manager who can provide more information about living with your pet when you rent with us.

To find out more about our range of pet-friendly studios and one, two and three bedroom apartments available at Charter Place, view our apartments. 

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